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Mauritius people & Creole culture. Music, dance, art and cuisine

Mauritius - People & Culture


• Nationality: Noun and adjective - Mauritian(s)
• Population (2003): 1,228,965, including Rodrigues, Agalega, and St. Brandon
• Annual growth rate (2001): 1%. Density--602/sq. km
• Ethnic groups: Indo-Mauritians 68%, Creoles 27%, Sino-Mauritians 3%, Franco-Mauritians 2%
• Religions: Hindu, Roman Catholic, Muslim
• Languages: Creole (common), French, English (official), Hindi, Urdu, Hakka, Bhojpuri
• Education: Years compulsory--6 (primary school). Attendance (primary school)--virtually universal. Literacy--adult population 85%; school population 90%
• Health (2001): Infant mortality rate--13.2/1000. Life expectancy--male 68.6 yrs., female 75.5 yrs
• Work force (2003, 549,500): Manufacturing--27%; trade and tourism--19.6%; government services--11%; agriculture and fishing--9.4%; other--33%


The culture of Mauritius involves the blending of several cultures from Mauritius's history. The island's main contribution to the performing arts is the Creole sega, the dance dating from the slavery time.
The cuisine of Mauritius is a blend of Desi, Creole, Chinese and European.
Creole is the native language of 80% of the people, however, French is widely used, and English is the official language. Mauritians also speak Hindi, Urdu, Hakka, Bhojpuri.

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